Warning ! Burnt to perfection !

Many moons ago I purchased a Webber barbeque, a great piece of made in the USA kit. Very well made and beautifully finished. Unfortunately it soon went down the local rubbish tip. Good as it was, every piece of food I cooked on it was burnt to perfection. I went out and spent and obscene amount of money on an all singing, all dancing gas job. Far better than our kitchen cooker, problem solved. Maybe, but my barbeque failures have never been forgotten. A few weeks ago one of our kids was mooching about shopping, and saw this item, and could not resist buying it and sending it to us. Almost every day he phones and during the conversation with Jan, he asks, is the old man wearing the apron I sent him ? OK Paul here it is, and you owe me a pint.

The old fella.

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