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“Eddie is about to implode again - there is a pattern!”

Correctomondo ! I can see you are one of the more astute negative commenters, thank you for your most valuable input to our humble blog. Do you know it’s a strange phenomena, when I implode change happens. I once imploded and a dietitian on the largest diabetes forum in the UK, who hounded lowcarbers for a long time with talk of scurvy, osteoporosis and more serious conditions, upped sticks and walked. One of my more serious implosions, together with help from our team and Jimmy Moore, brought about the removal of the idiotic mods, who had the stupidity to ban one of our friends the Doctor and lowcarb expert Jay Wortman. Jay is also a type two diabetic, what straight thinking diabetes forum in the world, would not welcome Jay with open arms ? There have been other implosions.

I have discovered over the years, a damn good implosion focuses attention, it cuts through to the bare essence, people listen. Believe me, there is madness in the method, or should that be method in the madness, one things for sure, madness sells like hot cakes on forums and blogs (lowcarb almond flour of course). If all goes pear shaped, I’m pleading insanity, let’s face it, many would agree with me. Someone said to me yesterday, “Eddie you have a remarkable knack of upsetting all the right people” trust me it’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it.


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