The small things in life!

Life can be very mad and maddening at times, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. So isn’t it great when you can step back and think, thank goodness for small things that can and do help to uplift us. They make us smile and it‘s like a small piece of magic has momentarily entered our world and the madness, trouble and grief disappears.

Like it’s magic when my youngest grandchild says “hiya” to me with such an adorable smile. Or perhaps it’s when my grandson rushes up to me with a big welcome hug and kiss. You instantly smile and smiles are so infectious, could we do with more of them?.

The other day I was in a bank along with several other customers and staff, where most of us were waiting patiently to be served. A young boy came in with his mother. There was something about him, his demeanour, the bounce in his step that made most of us look and smile at him. He patiently waited his turn  and then went up to the cashier to pay in some “birthday money.” With a big smile on his face and politeness that was refreshing to see he asked, “could he pay some birthday money into his savings account. He was saving up for a computer game a Lego one he told her, and I‘ve nearly got enough now”. The cashier visibly melted when she smiled back at him and said “of course you can”. At that point I glanced around me and it was interesting to see that everyone in the bank now had a smile, the atmosphere was more relaxed …it was a small piece of magic in an incredibly busy day that for a moment in time bought a smile to a lot of people. It’s the small things in life that mean so much.

All the best Jan

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