Say goodbye to the NHS folks !

Exclusive: Just over half of GPs are in favour of the NHS charging a small fee for routine appointments, with many believing it is the only way of managing their workload and curbing rising patient demand, a Pulse survey has found. Of the 440 GPs polled in the survey, 51% said they would support charging a small fee for GP appointments, compared with 36% who would not.

That represents a significant increase on the 34% of GPs who said they would support charging for appointments in a similar poll last September, and suggests many GPs are willing to consider more drastic solutions to reduce their growing workload.

The survey results come at a time when GPs have been reporting growing workload due to the imposed 2013 contract deal, with some willing to take a pay cut rather than bid for new work under four new DESs being offered this year, and worrying levels of GP burnout. The majority of doctors who called for charging to be introduced specified an amount between £5 and £25 per appointment. One GP suggested means-testing, saying: ‘£10 for poor, £25 for others, £100 for professionals and politicians and £150 for solicitors and accountants.’

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I visited my Doctor on Tuesday, I had not seen him in many months. I had been told my monthly prescription would not be renewed until I had called in for a blood pressure check. All part of the check list for diabetics I presume. My Doctor knows I have a BP meter, as I took it in and we checked my meter against his, one on each arm. Almost identical readings, which I would expect because the meters are the exact same model. As I believe I am one of the “others” will I have to check in four times a year at £25 per visit to get my BP checked, something I can do for myself for free.


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