The Drama Queen returns !

This is all the thanks we get ! She bleats  “I don't know why I and the other board members have bothered putting our time and money into this place, I really don't.”

Time, many put far more time into helping fellow diabetics and people struggling to lose weight, and as for money, you can get a forum hosted for less cost per month than a bottle of good wine. I see the gruesome Grazer was going on about money today “And my fellow board members spend our own hard earned money running this, just to try and help people.” bring out the violins.

Both Graham and myself offered to pay for the forum and much more at the start. You two forum owners have blown it big time, spare us the sympathy votes. What will it be next ? Threatening to close the forum down ? Threatening to leave ? Maybe you could start a smear campaign and pretend people you want to ban are pervs or trouble makers. What a shambles you have presided over, man up and sort it out, or go ! As you said about me, no-one is indispensable, only the members ! When the members walk, and many have, you haven't got a forum, you've got a cakes and commiseration club.Try and remember that.


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