Coronation Street Star Comes Under Attack For Recommending Lowcarb !

All hell broke lose recently, no, this is not another rant against the forum of fantasy, when Coronation Street Star Catherine Tyldesle, who plays Eva Price in the longest running soap opera in the world, Coronation Street.(Catherine also runs a health club with her partner) tweeted “I’m shocked by some of the nutritional advice available on NHS. ‘Wholemeal bread, cereal and pasta are good for you?!?!’ #yeahright.”

Evidently all hell broke lose. The Sun, the UK’s best selling newspaper, a cross between a comic, men’s magazine and scandal sheet, said “Didn't use her loaf” very droll, I bet someone stayed up all night thinking that quip up, gave the story it’s usual spin. So, Catherine, who you can see from the link, looks in fantastic shape to me, got some stick, but not all the comments belong to the 10 pints of lager swilling and  chips with everything brigade. As you would expect the NHS spouted the usual nonsense.

 “A Department of Health spokesman said: “All of the advice on NHS Choices is based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence. It’s important everyone eats a healthy, balanced diet. This includes plenty of carbohydrates, choosing higher fibre options where possible, fruit and vegetables, some meat, fish, dairy and non-dairy protein foods, but only small amounts of foods high in salt, saturated fat and sugars”

A lot of comments came into the newspaper, some people had a good take on carbs and junk food, others showed their complete ignorance, about the foods that we can all do without. You really can’t blame the average Joe, for believing, he will swiftly become a malnourished gibbering wreck, without the junk, when the NHS push the diet of death, like a stuck record. “All of the advice on NHS Choices is based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence” This is known as complete bollocks in the UK, even some of the Sun readers know that.


Full story here.

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