Why I find a low carb lifestyle so easy.

I have been living the lowcarb lifestyle for five years now. I am not a diabetic and have never been over weight. All the other team members are diabetics, they live this lifestyle because it keeps their blood sugar numbers low. I live this lifestyle because I believe it is a much healthier way to live life to the full. I have had people question. Don’t you find this limits your choice of food? Don’t you find you get tired? Don’t you find you get more ailments? The list of questions is often long. When we have friends around for lunch or dinner everyone enjoys the meals we prepare for them. It often comes as a big surprise when we tell them how low the carb content was in the meal they have just enjoyed. For instance look at the salad pictured below. Great food, easy to prepare, tasty and satisfying .

Smoked and peppered Mackerel salad

Smoked mackerel carbs 0.5 per hundred grams, apple raisin and walnut coleslaw carbs 8 per hundred grams, cabbage and carrot coleslaw 4.8 per hundred grams, tomato 3.1 per hundred grams, iceberg lettuce carbs 1.9 per hundred grams, cheese 0.1 per hundred grams.

More food ideas and recipes at http://lowcarbdietsandrecipes.blogspot.co.uk/

All the best Jan

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