Lowcarb not only for type two diabetics !

"My son has type 1 diabetes , aged 13. We all eat a low carb diet. No processed food. Only my cooking. I can make almost anything low carb: cookies, cakes, waffles, brownies, pasta from zucchini, rice from cauliflower, cheesecake, chocolate mousse. It is so delicious, and best of all tasty because it contains healthy fats.

HIS BG’S are always normal if he eats my cooking, His HbA1c is 5.5, and apparently the ONLY patient his paediatrician has with these numbers. He also exercises regularly and spends time in the sun to synthesise vitamin D. I research every week about true nutrition and physiology. 

The health benefits from eating low carb are substantial and it is honestly very easy to keep my son healthy this way. And yes, I was told NOT to put my son on a low carb diet by his diabetes educator. BUt, as a mother, I will do what every I can to stop my child from developing diabetic complications, and I believe I have found the "magic secret" to diabetes control, except that it is not magic and it is just so simple." 

Nicked without permission from the lowcarb Dietitian site.


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