Sian Porter, Dietitian consultant and morbidly obese ?

Tonight I sat watching a BBC documentary called “ Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods” Some of the information was useful and some was complete dross. The highlight for me was when they wheeled out the expert ! A consultant dietitian called Sian Porter, guess what ? She was well over weight and may well have been in the morbidly obese range ! The message at the end of the program ? Low fat yoghurt's can help us lose weight, oh dear, complete bollocks from the BBC, as usual.


This program can be seen here. 

Read a lot of spin by Sian here.

From Sian. 

" The media is a crowded place and as we all have to eat, everyone has an opinion on nutrition from celebrities to politicians to journalists. As dietitians we can give independent, evidence based practical advice that is interesting and entertaining. The aim is to inform and educate readers and viewers to see through the hype and make informed decisions that are relevant to their life. If we don’t do it someone lacking our skills, knowledge and evidence base will."

Yeah, Jeez you could not make this shite up !

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