Gezza never fails to amaze !

Gezza said to IanD.

"I believe I am following your advice and increasing my fat as you said that would benefit me and help to avoid hypos."

Ian actually said.

"Please let us know how that change of diet affects your low BG incidents. IMO it should be beneficial." A subtle difference I would suggest.

Why am I smelling the shit of the bull here ? If you are suffering from a hypo, fat is the last thing you want to consume. Try Glucotabs, Lucozade, full sugar coke, anything other than fat. Fat has little or no effect on raising BG numbers.

More game playing from Gezza ?, time will tell, it always does.

Correction to last Gezza post. I said the way Gezza was going he would be on a Bernstein 30 carbs per day diet by Christmas. On July the 18th. he stated carbs 29% of 1500 calories per day, a carb reduction of 50% in 24 hours. At this rate he will be on a Bernstein carb recommendation before the heat wave ends. Remember Gezza was on 250+ carbs per day on a 2000 calorie per day diet  not so long ago !

 Gezza signature on the 18th.

Click on screen shot to enlarge.

As of today Gezza has removed all details from his signature, as can be seen from the screen shot, has he gone for the full Monty Keto diet ? has he gone zero carb ?, has he gone batshit ? we need to be told !


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