Diabetes New Zealand another Black Ops shill for big pharma ?

One of our friends who lives in New Zealand sent in a link to an outfit called Diabetes New Zealand. DNZ loves sugar and carbohydrates, poor old sugar gets some stick, they imply, ah poor old Mr. Sugar never mind old chap. Let’s all feel sorry for poor old Mr. Sugar. The fact is sugar contains nothing other than calories, no vitamins no minerals, none, zilch.  “But sugar is just a type of carbohydrate” they tell us. Now that is good, because our NHS doesn’t seem to know that ! Give it a rest Eddie I hear you say ! They must know. Well yesterday we quoted the NHS who’s spokesman said in the Sun newspaper  “It’s important everyone eats a healthy, balanced diet. This includes plenty of carbohydrates, choosing higher fibre options where possible, fruit and vegetables, some meat, fish, dairy and non-dairy protein foods, but only small amounts of foods high in salt, saturated fat and sugars”

Did you spot that  “plenty of carbohydrates” but only small amounts of sugar. And people wonder why diabetics are so often confused. I reckon DNZ, the NHS and our DNZ equivalent DUK are not confused. They push the carbs and they push the sugar, just like big pharma wants it. Because we all know nothing gets those BG numbers into the danger zone faster than poor old Mr. Sugar and Mrs Carbs, and how do you get them down ? Good old Mr. big pharma drugs. Everybody’s happy eh. I have tried to find out who sponsors this outfit, at time of writing all I see the DNZ site states “Diabetes New Zealand gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of our special sponsors.” What’s the betting big pharma and junk food are pulling the strings, of yet another useless and dangerous puppet ?

From the Diabetes New Zealand website here. Check out the diet plate.

“Someone may have told you that people with diabetes can't eat any sugar. Some people think that eating too much sugar causes diabetes in the first place. Such ideas make sugar sound like a 'bad guy'. But sugar is just a type of carbohydrate. New Zealand registered dietitian Alison Pask explains why a sugar free diet is no longer the norm for people with diabetes.”


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