Lowcarb antis, Lawyers and other reprobates !

This blog has been running for around four years. We have never changed our stance or attitude one iota. We believe passionately in the benefits of a lowcarb lifestyle for not only diabetics, but almost all people. Gone are the days when you can tap someone on the shoulder and say, excuse me old chap have you heard about lowcarb? Big pharma and multinational food companies spend $billions every year promoting meds that don’t work and often kill people, and junk food outfits flog the diet of slow death. We do what it says on the tin.

“We are a small band of diabetics all low carbers. Posting links to diabetes related articles and low carb food advice. In our spare time we like to lampoon the spreaders of fear and misinformation. Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.”

My style of posting is abrasive at times, I rock the boat, but it appears to work, people read our blog. What use is a blog if no-one reads it ? If you want to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs, this can lead to threats and abuse from individuals, phone calls from the Police, threats from Lawyers. This week I have been threatened with court action, and threatened with bankruptcy by a Lawyer, grief I could well do without. Time will tell, and I will tell, how this progresses. But if anyone on this planet, believes I will ever back down to threats of any kind, they are mistaken. A life lived in fear, is no life at all.

I set up this blog and the lowcarb diabetic website on my own. We quickly became a small team. The team have worked hard to build this humble blog and I will be forever grateful for their friendship and support, without them I may have called it a day long ago. One day the team will be without me, but I know they will carry on. When they are gone I hope my type two diabetic son and others will take their place. The war against corruption, lies and ludicrous dietary information will be a long one, but what war was ever more worthy ? Countless millions, yet to be born, will one day look back at the epidemics of obesity and type two diabetes and be amazed at the stupidity and greed we see today. Make no mistake, good always conquers evil, but sometimes it takes a very long time, trust me, we will win.

If I had said to you, not so long ago, communism would be finished in Russia and the end of the cold war was coming, or a Blackman would be the leader of South Africa or President of the USA, you would have said I was a dreamer and it would never happen. Well, it has happened, and who made it happen ? Ordinary people, ordinary people that had had enough. Ordinary people that spread the word of truth, ordinary people who knew in their hearts, change had to come.


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