Eat To Your Meter Forum goes batshit !

Yesterday a thread stated on the ETYM forum called ‘Can anyone explain‘. Evidently I had been banned, then it was no he has not been banned, then I had changed my forum profile, and I had even re-joined under another name. Well the only thing that was a fact is I am banned, as can be seen from the screen shot below. The next question for the very small group of people who may be interested is, why was I banned, and why was my recent posts deleted within three minutes that led to the banning.

Click on screen shots to enlarge.

Well I had been telling them from day one the forum name was a big mistake, that it had to include diabetes or diabetic in the name. So, they finally take heed after banning me (still banned) and what do they do ? Copy a well established forum’s name ! At first I thought is this a clever marketing ruse to cash in on others work. I dismissed that as far too accomplished for the chumps running the place*. Not only that, their chances of getting there new name on the front page of a Google search are next to nil. Hits get a site up the rankings, place diabetes support in a Google search and see what you get, and that is what you are always going to get, while those sites exist. BTW If I owned the forum diabetes support I would have a lot to say about this latest development at ETYM, just a thought.

Thank you to the people who have supported me, it’s much appreciated, and Paul don’t worry about getting stuck in the middle. You’re the most liked guy over there for a bloody good reason, if people don’t like you, or turn on you, them f**k them, they are not worth worrying about.


* The chumps do not include xyzzy or Pneu, big respect guys. The good guys have seen your hard work at the flog !

A few forum name suggestions

Sid Bonkers flying diabetics circus or Defrens diabetes cakes and commiseration agony colomn or happy birthday to the diabetic pussys (cats). Am I taking the piss ? To right I am, but I did not start this sad debacle.

PS. I received an email from Defren today, the first in a very long time. This informed me I had a PM from her in my mail box at the forum. I logged in to read the PM.

What did I learn, I am still banned and wait for it ! We hope you like the new name and changes to YOUR forum. And people say I am a piss taker LOL

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