Another blast from the past

Christine Cashin registered dietition, an update.

I spoke today to the Policeman re. the complaint received from a “Welsh Female” re. the comment “Welsh Bint” I found him to be a gentleman. He explained he had received a complaint from a member of the public and he was duty bound to investigate the matter. I informed him the search facility on the blog could not find this phrase, but may have been posted as a comment. He is going back to the complainant, who has a copy, and will hopefully give him information re. post date of the offending comment. He is coming back to me with the relevant information. I have agreed as a gesture of goodwill to remove the comment from this blog.

Maybe this is a good time for Chris to comment on this blog. A fair chance to explain her side of the debate/dispute. A chance to give us some sound information for maintaining our non diabetic BG numbers, our lipids of teenagers, our lack of scurvy and osteoporosis. Our lack of or minmal diabetes medication.Our lack of constipation and mood swings etc. etc.

Perhaps she will congratulate us on our ability to astound our healthcare professionals with every blood test and diabetes review.

Over to you Chris, don't hang around on Carbo's cess pit, feel free to post here ! Or give me a call, you have my number.


PS. We have found the post and deleted the comment that caused offence !

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