As the ETYM forum disappears into the ether, a priest has been summoned for the last rites. How could it have gone so wrong ? A tough as they come bunch of lowcarbers setting up their own blog. It surely must be a success, right ! Err no. Well let me tell you why. As soon as they got their own forum, lowcarb was a taboo subject ! Although most of the members and forum owners were lowcarb, lowcarb was a keep away from subject. We were told “this is not a lowcarb forum” game over. So many of the well controlled members are lowcarbers, they know there is no other way ! Goodbye members etc. Some of the forum owners swiftly left, including me, later I was banned as a member. The remaining board members too lazy or lacking true conviction to fight the cause. Another UK forum bites the dust. Let me tell you folks, the first five years are the worst. I know this for a fact ! Ya gotta have staying power, or you are wasting your time !


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