Chemical weapons and the stench of hypocrisy !

The big talking point over the last week is chemical weapons. Who used them is still being investigated, and they are indeed terrible weapons. Our Prime Minister did his best last night to get us involved in another war, and failed. But what’s all the fuss about chemical weapons ? Is it more acceptable to kill non combatant innocent men, women and children with cruise missiles, laser guided smart bombs and missile launching un-manned drones ? If people were trying to kill my family the method would not figure too high on my list of priorities. Stopping them would be my main priority with any method that worked, full stop. This is what war is all about, and it is never pretty. Let’s not kid ourselves war is ever anything less than total destruction and horror. The only winners are the arms manufacturers and we are one of the largest arms exporters in the world.

So why all the fuss about chemical weapons ? Could it be the aforementioned ‘acceptable weapons’ are way beyond the scope of the average terrorist to manufacture or steal. Could it be that chemical weapons may soon find their way out of Syria and be used in your town in the future ? We are hearing the great and the good tell us, the users of chemical weapons have committed a heinous crime and must be punished, but where do you draw the line ? In war there is no line. World War Two resulted in 60,000,000 deaths. We have learned nothing from history and the carnage never stops, and it won’t stop, because the human race are the most stupid animals on earth. The only animal to destroy his own environment and poison the land and the sea. We destroy each other for religious beliefs, for the colour of a mans skin, for profit and greed. As Einstein said, mans intelligence is limited, his stupidity is infinite.


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