In 30 years, Chennai shows tenfold rise in diabetes !

CHENNAI: Diabetes is spreading fast across the country and Chennai reflects this alarming trend, with the incidence shooting up tenfold in the past 30 years. The Chennai Urban Rural Epidemiology Study (CURES), which covered 26,001 individuals above the age of 20, shows that 20% of the subjects were diabetic. The incidence of diabetes in the city was 2% in 1970.

Dubbed the biggest epidemiological study in the country, it confirmed the fear that the disorder has been affecting the young and the old, the rural and the urban. It found that 58% of the population above 55 years had diabetes.

The city specific study showed that 20% of people between 20 to 55 years have diabetes. In rural areas , the incidence of diabetes had gone up from 1% 40 years ago to 8% at present. "Considering that a large part of the population lives in the rural areas, even a small jump in numbers could mean a lot," said Dr Mohan.

Experts say that while the affluent have become aware of the disease burden and started working out to keep fit,the middleclass are being largely affected. Lifestyle modifications, consumption of junk food and processed food and immense stress levels contribute to diabetes.

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