It’s Official, not all type two diabetics are beer swilling, pie eating fat bastards !

Every time I read an article, in a Newspaper or a program comes on the TV, type two diabetics are typecast in the roll of morbidly obese. The implication is they all gorged on junk until they almost burst, am I right, or am I right ! We are not alone, being profoundly deaf can have people treating you like you are an idiot, the same goes for people with other disabilities. Stupidity, fear and ignorance is often the order of the day eh. Well, check this item out.

"Flinders public health researcher and medical anthropologist Dr Darlene McNaughton (pictured) has completed a project that investigated how diabetes is being presented in research and in the media, covering the past 15 years. She says that weight is increasingly being posited as the primary or sole cause of diabetes, and that this is a dangerous oversimplification.

“There is still a lot of uncertainty about the etiology of diabetes and there are a number of potential risk factors at play include ageing, gestational diabetes, genetics, under nutrition, poverty and family history, many of which are beyond individual control,” Dr McNaughton said.

“Despite this, overweight and obesity are increasingly depicted not only as risk factors, but also as the central cause of the disease,” she said.

 Dr McNaughton said that research has demonstrated that obese people do have slightly higher rates of diabetes than people of ordinary weight.

“But at the same time, there are an awful lot of obese or overweight people who don’t have diabetes and who never will, because it’s more complicated than ‘weight equals diabetes’,” she said.

“The last thing we want is a situation where people feel ashamed for a condition that has very complex causes that we still really don’t understand, and are not seeking social or medical support.”

Full article here.

Think on this one. Do over weight people run the risk of type two diabetes, or do some type two  diabetics become over weight ? What comes first ?


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