Diabetes.co.uk and the lowcarb paradox.

Over the last five years or more, the lowcarb lifestyle has enjoyed a remarkable achievement record in controlling diabetes at diabetes.co.uk. Countless members have reported blood glucose reduced to non diabetic, huge weight loss when required, improved lipids, a reduction in medication, some on nil medication. The good news goes on and on. The fact is other than reports from lowcarbing diabetics, the good news ranges from slim to non existent. I have never read a success story, where a member stated I have increased my carbohydrate consumption, and have improved my diabetes control, and improved my long term health.

So, if you accept lowcarb has been a tremendous success over the years, the $64,000 question has to be, why have so many lowcarbers been banned ? Why have Doctors and healthcare professionals been railroaded off by around a dozen lowcarb antis ? Why has the forum not become a shining beacon for lowcarb and common sense ? I learnt a long time ago to follow the money. So, lets have a closer look at diabetes.co.uk and the money.

"Diabetes.co.uk doesn't belong to Sitefinders, it belongs to the community." says one page at  Sitefinders, but is this true ? Another page at sitefinders states, the site can be leased. Another page implies make us the right offer and you can buy the site. Owned by the community, I don't think so. Although on the forum 99% of the work is done by the "community" free of charge, will they be recompensed if the site is leased or sold ? not a chance. Also, the forum is used as a marketing tool and emails are sent to the members selling a range of products and services, even the banned members such as some of our team, receive the big sell.

I have been involved with sales and marketing for many years, and I have imagined a situation where I have been tasked with leasing or selling the site. Who do I contact first ? A local farmer that sells fresh produce, or a fruit and vegetable company ? No way, I would be talking to pharmaceutical companies or makers of BG meters etc. outfits that lowcarb was the last thing they wanted to be involved with. Because there is little or no money in low carbing. Low carbing diabetics (type two's only) often require nil or minimal medication and cost big pharma a fortune. Low carbing makes no money for junk food outfits. Are you getting the big picture ? are you following the money ?

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Yesterday Gezza was posting on Twitter he was about to spill the beans on a big pharma and diabetes.co.uk conspiracy and wanted a reporter to investigate. Could Gezza be on to something ? Today the forum  of flog is posting on twitter  “Sorry for confusion, DCUK is not a charity we are a genuine diabetes resource not connected to any pharma company” and “Our increase in forum members is organic and not manufactured in any way” Time will tell and my money is on Gezza is off on another bender, but you never know these days, and as always follow the money.


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