Things that are special to me.

Well it goes without saying, but I will say it, family are the most special.

Through family our lives are formed, memories laid out. I have been fortunate, most of my memories have been good. I am one of those people (annoying to some) that see a glass is half full not half empty.

I hope like me you have had some special times.

Other things that can be special and evoke memories are our possessions. They do not have to be expensive like Faberge eggs. Certainly none of mine are. A picture of a matchstick man drawn in pencil by one of my sons when he was three, and in my handbag to this day, is special to me. A heart shaped trinket box with the inscription ’To Mother With Love’ and the book “How to find flower fairies” pictured below are all treasured possessions.

My Granny, my wonderful mum and I had many things in common. One of those things was Fairies. Oh my God I hear you say she’s nuts. Well perhaps I am but hopefully in a positive way. When growing up as a young child we always had fairies at the bottom of our garden. They were part of our everyday games. When we were looking at flowers, my Granny and mum would name the flower and then ask “Can you see the fairy behind it?” What a lovely way to learn about flowers, trees, nature in such a fun way. Well it was to me. To this day I love being around trees and flowers.

Now I teach my grandchildren and pass on the joys of gardens,nature and the more positive things in life. I hope that they will remember and pass things on to their grandchildren.

Looking out of my lounge all I can see is beautiful trees. As you may know, Eddie is into fishing. He is fortunate to belong to a Fishing Club that has three lakes and is a protected nature reserve. There is nothing we like more than to walk around the lakes, seeing the swans, grey herons and wild geese, and, if he’s fortunate to catch a fish the fairies could well be smiling ………..

Life could be worse

Enjoy your life and especially the small things. Take time to smell the flowers. Who knows a fairy could be lurking behind them.

All the best Jan 

Some photographs of the wonderful “How to find flower fairies” book given to me as a present by one of my sons. It’s priceless to me The book was first printed in 1923.


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