Underbelly star Damon Gameau seeks truth behind sugar !

HE played a gangland criminal in Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities but this Aussie star's latest gig is probably going to be his most challenging yet. 
Australian actor Damon Gameau is on a 'Super Size Me' inspired adventure of consuming 40 teaspoons of sugar per day for 60 days. He is up to Day 19 (on August 19). What should we be consuming a day? A maximum of just nine teaspoons. Or six if you're a female. So 40 teaspoons, at 4.2 grams a teaspoon, is a lot of sugar but only marginally above the average daily amount consumed by teenagers worldwide.

Gameau's on a mission. He wants to find out if sugar is society's silent killer. He believes the average person has no idea how much sugar they're really consuming and he wants to find out what this substance is really doing to our bodies.

"The time has come for (people) to really know what is going on," Gameau says. And he's not talking about a few extra unwanted kilos. He says the aim of his human lab rat experiment (and subsequent film) won't be to consume vast amounts of perceived 'junk' food. Rather, he will follow an average Australian diet and through that highlight the hidden sugars that are found in many 'healthy' marketed products. He also wants to see if there is a wider 'sugar conspiracy' at play led by the food industry.

More on this story sent in by Jill here.

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