Has the Bonkers one got the “minerals” ?


Sid Bonkers yesterday at the forum of flog. Raving at a flog member and a member of this blog namely Paul. How ironic, the biggest forum bully in the history of the diabetes.co.uk forum, other than the Stalinist Cugila, should attack Paul and accuse him of bullying. He then went on to say “It is you who is continually mocking me and other DCUK members on the ediots blog and what I said stands, if you have something to say to me or about me at least have the minerals to say it to me here where I will reply”. As almost always Bonkers got it wrong ! I mock Bonkers, and he deserves it. Apart from bullying lowcarbers for the last five years, he has been heavily involved with harassing two Doctors from the forum. The last Doctor that joined the forum, swiftly received the Bonkers treatment, when he stated on the forum “Forgive me if am wrong but I smell a low carb troll here, perhaps you could allow the mods to verify who you really are by allowing them to contact your practice for confirmation as you do not sound genuine to me”

Bonkers went on saying “If you are a real doctor however, with nothing to hide, then I'm sure you will be only to happy to provide your name and the name of your surgery so it can be verified tomorrow when they open. And I will be happy to apologise and reply to you in a more positive manner. Until then I still believe you are a low carb troll. Happy to be proven wrong though, the ball is in your court”

The Doctor's credentials were checked and found to be genuine by the management. Did Bonkers apologise ? No. I suspect it is because he does not have the “minerals” Will he apologise to Paul ? No way. I have observed Bonkers for the thick end of five years. His usual MO is to bully, insult and ridicule people, (almost always lowcarbers) and when it all goes pear shaped for him, he disappears for a while under the nearest rock. Of course he is welcome to come over here to debate the issues, but I reckon he hasn’t got the “minerals”


Link to Bonkers playing the bullying oaf here.

Click on screen shot to enlarge. BTW the thread was locked.

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