This Government couldn’t run a whelk stall !

In my sixty plus years, I have never seen a more incompetent bunch of imbeciles running the Government. Time after time, they U turn on policy, because the policy was ill thought out, and this mob are controlled totally, by think tanks and opinion polls. The latest scheme from these incompetents is to take certain food establishments off the watch list by public health inspectors. See link below. As always it gets worse !

Check out how much money these slagoons have blown to achieve zilch in the NHS. Have a guess, one million ? one hundred million ? How about one thousand million pounds ? how about one thousand four hundred million pounds. Yes that’s right 1.4 billion pounds to increase the waiting list and demoralise most NHS workers.

Camaroon is making a lot of noise about Syria over the weekend. Anyone with a slight grasp of reality knows, Camaroon dare not scratch his arse without permission from  America. WTF did we become such a bunch of wasters and limp wristed automatons ? At one time we ruled the largest Empire in the history of the world, now we cannot run a whelk stall.


Link to £1.4bn 'wasted' on NHS redundancies here.

Link to food inspectors here.

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