British Heart Foundation gets it’s butt kicked !

We recently mentioned how Dr. John Briffa was questioning the use of ‘stanols’ and ‘sterols’ as a prevention against heart disease. The BHF have joined forces with Flora margarine a Unilever company. John contacted the BHF and got a reply from Professor Peter Weissberg, the medical director of the BHF. The dialogue between John and Peter was most enlightening. Check out the full article on the Briffa link below. A commenter called NM summed up the situation very well I thought. Part of the comment.

“Thank you once again for revealing the corruption at the core of the BHF. Note how the organisation strains every sinew to give its sponsors’ dubious products the benefit of the doubt. It grips tightly on the frayed thread of an irrelevant surrogate marker as the totality of its justification! And note their sponsor, despite their allegedly “small” funding, has its philosophical sinews drawn across and through the whole organisation.

I am sure that Professor Weissberg, for example, believes to his absolute depths that he is a profoundly honourable man, untainted and untaintable. I’m sure he honestly considers Dr Briffa to be a troublesome gadfly, maliciously vomiting on The Professor’s magnificent corpus! And that’s precisely why this corruption is so insidious and hopeless to reform. It’s systemic, deep, unconscious and metastasised across the whole body of the organisation, and every attempt to reveal it evinces a strong defensive immune response.”

Time after time, we see charities and organisations we should be able to trust, contaminated by multinational food conglomerates or big pharma, who wrap their craven tentacles, like a giant vampire squid, around the face of humanity.


Link to Dr. Briffa's article here.

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