Maybe some of us need our butts kicked !

Thinking about the post I made yesterday, regarding lowcarb on a very tight budget I thought jeez, I have been promoting the lowcarb lifestyle for five years, and it has hardly crossed my mind, people in my own country are going short of food. How many reading this have got some tins of food they will probably never eat taking up space in their kitchen, I know we have. Last winter I thought we may have some shortages in the shops because of bad weather, or we may not be able to get out because of snow. We got some tins of chicken curries and the like, all fairly lowcarb. Time to get them to the nearest food bank I reckon. Checking out the food bank situation I read.

 “The Trussell Trust is a Christian charity that does not affiliate itself with any political party and receives no government funding. We are non-judgemental and inclusive, providing assistance to people of all backgrounds and all faiths or none who are found to be in genuine need”

They have a place near you I am sure, if you are in the UK, what about it, get your unwanted grub down there.

Us lowcarbers have fought to promote and encourage others to a healthier way to live for so long, maybe we should count ourselves very lucky we at least have a choice in what we eat. Some people are just glad to have some food, any food. We think of people going short of food or staving happening in some far away country, but this is the UK 2013 and is a complete disgrace, that poor, disabled and disadvantaged people have to rely on charity to not go hungry.


The Trussell Trust can be found here.

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