Summer Time Foot Care, Special Awareness Needed For Diabetes Patients !

With the peak of summer (and the heat) now upon us, many of us will take time to kick off the shoes and take a walk on the beach or maybe on a grassy field in the local park. Some may even hop into a river or creek to cool off. No worries, right?

Well, for some people, relaxing barefoot comes with some concern. Specifically, those with diabetes need to pay close attention to their feet. According to Ralph Schmeltz, MD, an endocrinologist and president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, diabetes can damage nerves and reduce blood flow in feet.

"Sometimes a diabetic will not feel a cut or blister on the bottom of their foot that can develop into a serious infection," he said. "But with some diligence, these can be recognized and the infection prevented. Prevention is best, which starts with wearing well fitting shoes at all times."  Mary Korytkowski, MD, professor of medicine and a member of the American Diabetes Association Board of Directors, agrees and adds, "Foot care is a crucial component in managing diabetes."

"By checking your feet on a daily basis and working with your health care provider, you can help prevent future complications," she says. Gus Geraci, MD, vice president of health care quality and value at the Pennsylvania Medical Society, has seen how something that starts off minor, like a cut, can turn into a disaster for patients with diabetes if they don't pay close attention. And, it's something that he worries about.

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