You are Old Mother Katy -or Age and the Lowcarb Diabetic-with apologies to Lewis Carroll

I like to write little "ditties" of this type. This one was inspired by my daughter's visit.

You are old Mother Katy the young girl said,
And your hair has become very grey
And yet you incessantly dye it bright red
Don't you think you should call it a day?

In my youth Mother Katy replied to her girl
I let Mother Nature hold sway
Now its my turn to give it a whirl
So I try a new colour each day

You are old, as I said the damsel went on,
And should sit by the fire and doze
Yet you're up with the lark for a jog in the park
What is it keeps you on your toes?

In my youth Mother Katy replied  with a grin
I loved pubbing and clubbing like you
Now I know metformin doesn't mix well with gin
Don't think I should do that, do you?

You are old, said the daughter, I just don't know why
You persist with that odd Low carb Diet
Here's some lovely mash and delicious choc pud.
What harm could it do to just try it?

Oh my dear, said the crone with tears in her eyes.
I know you bear me no ill will
But if I eat that, 'stead of low carb/high fat
I'll need something more than a pill!

You are old said the girl, its become very clear
You're completely obsessed by the net

Just what are you getting up to on there
You'll get into trouble I bet!

I have answered three questions and that is enough
Said her ma, now you get off to bed
If I didn't read forums and blogs and such stuff
Who knows I could even be dead!



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