Prospecting for gold.

When you go prospecting for gold you have to put in a lot of work before you get lucky. It’s the same when looking for diabetics to help. The reality is you rarely know who you have helped. That’s cool, not everyone takes the time to let you know, but when they do it makes all the work worth while. Over five years ago, some fellow diabetics showed me the light, to diabetic salvation. They taught me about lowcarbing. I had taken the advice of medical professionals and after a couple of months of trying to control very high BG numbers and failing, I gave lowcarb a try. Within five days my BG dropped to non diabetic numbers. I was so naive I thought I was lucky or maybe different to other diabetics. I soon realised, I was just a run of the mill, bog standard diabetic, and almost anyone could do what I had done. Problem solved, all I had to do was tell everyone all about lowcarbing, easiest job I ever took on, or so I thought ! I have lost count of the times I have thought of that last statement, and almost fell off my chair laughing. But hey, maybe it’s the way I go about spreading the good news. Talking of good news, this was emailed to our team yesterday.

“Hi there,
I just wanted to thank you for all the information you provide on your website.

I am not (yet anyway) a diabetic but having recently found out that my Grandparents and now an Uncle are type 2 diabetics I have had a big wake up call. I am in my late forties and overweight. I have tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World and on each occasion I have lost 3 stone only to regain 4!  It was while looking for information on diabetes for my Uncle that I came across your website. I am now following a low carb diet and not only am I losing weight I am also no longer hungry all the time.  I am trying to persuade my Uncle to follow your advice but he is confused and afraid of all the diet advice given by the NHS. I have been horrified by the lack of support he has been given and that by following their diet book he has gained another stone in weight.

I am hoping that by following your lifestyle tips I can avoid or at least delay type 2 diabetes.

Many thanks,

Full name and email address supplied.


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