Pork leg steaks with spiced apple stuffing.

On the post re. Dr Sarah Myhill MB BS A very special Woman ! A commenter asked more than once, what do you eat then Eddie. Well, here goes for tonight's meal. A bit of a cheat because the meat was a ready meal from Waitrose. Pork leg steaks with spiced apple stuffing and wrapped in bacon. Carb content. per serving, 7.6 We  served with the pork, some cubed roast celeriac, a mushroom stuffed with cheese and  half a courgette. Total carbs, 10 maybe 15 tops. That's the sort of food that keeps my BG in the safe zone, I know it's a tough gig, but hey, I am one tough SOB.


Please check out the other sort of foods that keep me and others safe here.


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