The Gezza Particle, does it exist ?

Scientists have announced that they may have discovered a previously unknown level of bullshit.

‘We have hypothesized for a long time that a level of bullshit so incredibly high as to be almost incalculable could theoretically occur, but now it appears that we may be close to proving its existence’, said leading researcher Dr Tony Crust. Bullshit research enjoyed its golden age in the 1990’s when the Clueless, the Useless, and the Hopeless elements were all discovered, who together created the US food pyramid, but it was probably the discovery of the Total F**kwit, just a few years ago, which revitalized the entire field and led directly to this newest breakthrough. Scientists have dubbed this latest discovery the Gezza Particle. ‘The Gezza Particle, if confirmed, will represent a level of bullshit several magnitudes above even the Total F**kwit’ Explained Dr Crust. ‘It really is almost impossible to overstate just how high a level of bullshit we are talking about here’ it was ever thus.


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