Pearls of Wisdom from HCP's

Having moved house fairly recently I am looking for a new GP. Of course the treatment of diabetes is my priority and this has brought to mind some of  the priceless advice I have received from HCP's over the years. Judge for yourselves.

On diagnosis in A & E after collapsing with a food allergy. Pleasant young Staff nurse to me "I don’t want you going home worrying that this will mean a change to your lifestyle. It only means taking a few pills each day! “

Diabetes Dr. in Practice at first visit after diagnosis. “Oh dear! T2s are normally large, you’re certainly not large, we will have to ensure you get enough to eat“.

Upon telling another GP I wished to stop taking Avandia. “Just because the Daily Mail says so, doesn't make it so." "Fatal heart problems? But most diabetics DO have heart disease! " Upon my insisting, "Everyone is handing them back you know. Its just that we were told to resist”.

Specialist Diabetes Nurse in Practice. “No, no pioglitazone is a very safe drug". Me, “But rosiglitazone caused my macular oedema”. Nurse, “Pioglitazone will be fine, its been used for years.! “ (NHS leaflet says, "NOT recommended for those with macular oedema, will make the condition WORSE!)

GP new to Practice upon receiving a letter from senior diabetologist. “Why would you want to stick pins in yourself? I help at a hospital diabetes clinic and meter readings don’t mean a thing to me!"

Having had to cancel one appointment for a steroid eye injection, I had been forced to wait a further six months for another appointment as the procedure had to be done in an operating theatre. I was horrified to find I had an infection in the eye a few days before the due date and worried about what a further delay would mean for my eye condition spoke to my GP who said, “Well, if they won't do it they won't do it” (with a nonchalant shrug). He was very helpful though and prescribed me 2 x Ig metformin pills instead of 4 x 500 mg  "for the psychological effect". I was meant to feel better taking 2 pills instead of 4 !

Finally, maybe my favourite. Diabetes Nurse in Practice after blood test ordered by Dr. “So we will see you next month for your review". Me: "I only had it a few weeks ago, its not due for 6 months the Dr said“. Nurse: “Oh I see what it is, someone has not updated the computer”. Me: “Ok, goodbye”. Nurse: “Could you just come in anyway to make the computer right”!

Just a small selection from many etched into my memory. I am sure everyone has their own favourite HCP quote.

Please share, it’s good to know we are not alone…...


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