Not often you get to meet a hero. Franziska Spritzler, RD CDE.

Every now and again you meet a person that blows your brains out. In today’s jaded times, there are rare nuggets of gold in a world of spin and hype, such a person is Franziska Spritzler. 

Over the last few months our team has got to know a US Dietitian by the name of Franziska Spritzler, RD CDE. Franziska is one of the growing band of Dietitians that believes in a lowcarb lifestyle, as a very viable way to control weight and diabetes. Franziska, together with her husband has been visiting the UK this week, and we met up today in St. Albans. Jan and myself spent some time with Franziska and her husband, and had a wonderful time. She is truly a fantastic and lovely lady in every respect. Franziska is a hero to us, and works very hard for the lowcarb cause. Her clients and patients can count themselves very lucky. Franziska is not a diabetic and as you can see, is certainly not over weight, but she firmly believes a diet based on sugar/starch is not the way to a healthy life. Both of these ladies are lowcarbers !

Jan and Franziska in St. Albans park.

Check out Franziska's great blog here.


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