What do you call it when a bully gets bullied ?

Over the last five years some of our team have taken on forum and blog bullies. Let’s establish the sort of person we believe is a bully. At the top of the list, forum owners and forum moderators who abuse their power. The sort of forum moderators that ban a man like Dr. Jay Wortman. Jay is not only a lowcarb expert he is also a type two diabetic, in any sane world he would be regarded as a very valuable asset on any diabetes forum, not at diabetes.co.uk. With Jimmy Moore’s help, we assisted in the mods that banned Jay, being issued their exit visa’s from their positions, is that bullying ?

Forum old timers will remember other moderators such as SarahQ, Tubolard and Jopar. All fired from their mods jobs and all staunchly anti lowcarb. SarahQ was the mod who stated she would "burn Dr. Bernstein’s books to supplement her winter fuel bill", and loved to taunt lowcarbers with “I fill my face with carbs” Then we had the wonderful Jopar. Who let it be known in no uncertain terms type two diabetics brought it on themselves, and depleted NHS funds that could have gone to type one diabetics. Both of these individuals on insulin pumps, adequate test strips and endocrinologists on the their healthcare teams. Both took great pleasure rubbishing lowcarb, knowing full well many diabetics, including members of our team, had no choice but to lowcarb, to gain the excellent control so few diabetics achieve. Taking them on and their ilk, led to our team members being banned and other prominent lowcarb promoters also being banned. Taking them on and assisting in their downfall as mods, is that bullying ?

Tubolard aka Carbophile another diabetes.co.uk mod. Who stated on his blog I stay anonymous because I would lose my job if my employer read my blog. The Carbophile list of targets, who have received ridicule and abuse from his almost always anonymous antis, is a long one. Graham and myself have always been at the top of his hit list, is taking him on bullying ?

Back to diabetes.co.uk, recent lowcarb anti events led to a Doctor who was telling his good news re his/her patients on a lowcarb diet, being labelled a troll by long term anti Sid Bonkers. Bonkers stated he would apologise if the Doctor proved to be genuine. The Doctor proved to genuine, no apology from Sid, who tells all on a regular basis, lowcarb is not a safe option long term and most can’t stick to it. Is taking him on bullying ?

Still with me ? Good. For our team, taking on spreaders of misinformation, the sort of people that abuse their moderator positions, the sort of people that form a lowcarb anti clique, who bully people off of forums, usually backed by moderators who are also anti lowcarbers, these people are legitimate targets for us. People who hang out on the Carbsane blog, rubbishing good people from Zoë Harcombe to Jimmy Moore, they are also our targets. Is that bullying ?

One last point, 99% of all negative comments made on this blog, about its members and lowcarbing, are anonymous. These anonymous cowards with not even the courage to post under a known forum anonymous name, is that bullying ? We post using our real names, our faces are on this blog, we hide from no one, and we will meet friend or foe, face to face, we will never stop promoting the lowcarb cause. We will never back down to anonymous cowardly lowcarb antis, who perpetuate the misinformation and lies that have lead to diabetic misery for so many people.The bottom line, we will stop telling the truth about the bullies, when they stop telling lies about our lowcarb lifestyle, us and our friends.

Eddie Mitchell

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