Dietitians and the Buzz Lightyear connection !

One of our grandsons is a Toy Story fanatic. He has the DVD’s the toys and even the clothes. The main man for him is Buzz Lightyear, who has buttons that when pressed, play short recorded messages, taken from the films. It strikes me far too many dietitians are the same. It’s as if they left a production line with pre recorded messages installed. Eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates, saturated fat is bad, drop butter and change to margarine, OK you’ve got the picture. I have often read that there is not one size that fits all, so why do dietitians push the same message like oversized Buzz Lightyears ?

It’s my belief these production line dietitians are not stupid. In the UK I believe they are all University trained with a degree. When you look at the science, and I am talking about the science that was not bought and paid for, by junk food and big pharma. The fundamentals that many dietitians base their work on, does not stack up. The reduction of dietary saturated fats does not lead to a reduction in heart disease and stroke, this has been proved many times. Basing daily food intakes on carbohydrates i.e. sugars and starch, is no way to stay healthy and has proved to be an early death sentence for many diabetics.

So, the big question is why ? Why do University educated people, with a degree push a diet of death. Why do we see so many obese dietitians on the TV and in real life. Why is a dietitian, that truly understands the science, and sticks their head above the parapet of junk science and out-dated dogma, such a rare occurrence ? My money is on the few but increasing good guys and gals, have a conscience. They are not prepared to be a glorified Buzz Lightyear, and repeat the message installed in them back at the factory. The good guys and  gals work for love, the pay cheque is secondary and they cannot be bought. No cushy deals flogging and endorsing margarine and high sugar junk for these people. They deserve our utmost respect.


Plastic toy

Beautiful child wearing Buzz Lightyear jeans.

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