Good grief a truly lowcarb bread available in the shops !

OK, once you get past the spin and the hype check this bread. Who knows what it tastes like, but do you know what really enthuses me ? the big boys are beginning to wake up to the fact, people want to eat less carbs, and they realise there is a market for lowcarb food ! This is what they say.

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So, carb content way under half of most commercially produced loaves on the supermarket shelves and "carbs have a terrible reputation" could have been written by the lowcarb Hezbollah, times are a changing folks. Over the last five years I have seen the list of Doctors and Dietitians raising their heads above the parapet steadily increasing. They know a diet based on sugar and starch is not the way to control type two diabetes and weight problems. The cat is out of the bag, and countless millions all over the world, realise we have been hoodwinked for decades. We won’t fall for the propaganda of saturated fat is a hazard and sugar and starch is healthy anymore. Every where we go, we see low in fat as the big message, how long before the big boys in food manufacturing, realise low in carbs/sugar will be the next big earner ? I believe some have seen the light, and this new bread proves it !

Check out the full details here.



I bought some from Waitrose today, had a slice with just butter it has a soft texture and a slight malty taste. I will definitely be buying more depending on the outcome of a few BG tests which I'll do tomorrow.


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