Livlife the greatest thing since sliced bread !

What a line eh, mine. Who would have thought I would ever being saying that about a shop bought bread. We mentioned this bread yesterday, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and this bread tastes great. The makers say “Half the carbs of regular bread” they are being very fair and conservative. Each slice has 3.8 grams of carb. Following a total carb regime of 50 carbs per day I can fit a few slices of this great tasting bread into my meal plans. Check out the sandwich below, less than ten carbs in total and will keep me going until dinner tonight.

Please note. We have no connection with this company whatsoever, but feel this product can be a real boon for most diabetics and lowcarbers. We created and maintain this site without any help from anyone else. In doing so, we do not receive direct or indirect funding from anyone. We do not accept money or favours to manipulate the evidence in any way.



Ok I did a BG test on this bread, bear in mind it was only one slice 3.8g carbs with butter.

Fasting 6.1mmo/L  + one hour 5.6 (Accu-Check Nano) 5.8 (Accu-Check Compact) + two hours 5.3(Nano).

Obviously I missed the spike but given the readings it must have been minimal, will do more tests with couple of slices and report back.


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