Vitamin Supplements. Life Savers Or Junk flogged by Snake Oil Salesman ?

This a longish but interesting read regarding vitamin supplements. Some swear by them, others believe a good balanced diet, and some time spent outdoors, getting some sun is all you need. Life savers to some, and junk flogged by snake oil salesman by others.


From the Guardian

You need vitamins to convert food into energy. The question is how best to get them. Most people who eat a reasonable diet will get everything they need in the food that they eat. But there are some people who have special diets – for example vegans or those who live in climates where it's never sunny – who would benefit from supplemental vitamins. But, for the most part, we get what we need in foods.

Other people think: “Because I'm not sure I'm getting all my vitamins, let me just take a multivitamin every day” – which is OK. Multivitamins contain at or about the recommended dose of vitamins for that day. But then there are some people who believe that more is better – that by taking large quantities of daily vitamins they will do even better, live even longer and decrease the risk of cancer or heart disease. But in fact, many studies have shown that the exact opposite is true – that if you choose to take these large quantities of excess vitamins, then you increase risk of cancer and heart disease and shorten your life.

More on this story here.

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