A Week of Groceries in Different Countries

Well I am a ‘blog hopper’ and I enjoy perusing the many blogs that are out there. I think the internet has certainly changed our lives.

It is only by reading, talking and exchanging ideas that we question and learn. Some of the information we disregard, while some we act upon.

Recently whilst reading Jeanette at ‘For Life’ she posted up what I thought a very interesting article. It was called ‘A Week of Groceries in Different Countries’.

I believe Jeanette, amongst other things, is interested in anthropology and archaeology. In fact you can find out about her, how she has lost weight, her recent wedding, her wonderful dog, and see her lovely photo's ……  and much more at her blog, link here.

The link to see 'A week of groceries in different countries' here

I think it’s good to share, and my thanks to Jeanette and ‘Wall to Watch’

All the best Jan

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