The lowcarb wars are all bullshit !

I have worked and lived in London most of my life. I have worked and lived amongst people of every colour and race, every religion, and nationality. I learned a long time ago they were all the same as me. They wanted to be left in peace, they wanted to be treated with respect. They wanted a chance to earn a decent living and give their kids a better life than themselves. I have never had any problems with anyone, I treat people with respect and they have treated me with respect. We have to live and let live. I love being around different people, I love the buzz and the energy.

Look around certain forums especially diabetes forums and you will see all sorts of grief and argument, usually over diet. As if diabetics do not have enough to put up with, they turn on each other, morning,  noon and night. How pathetic is that, instead of taking on big pharma and junk food outfits, they rip into their own kind. I can partially understand why, so many are addicted to the junk that made them ill in the first place. Diabetics have lost the ability to process sugars and starchy carbohydrates in a normal way. But so many will fight to the death to defend junk that has very little nutritional value, and in many cases requires dubious drugs to cover the blood glucose rise, and in many cases lead to their downfall.

To survive, prosper and progress, we have to adapt and work with all people, whatever their race, colour or creed, when are diabetics going to wake up.


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