Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen the genuine article or psychotic spoofer ?

Hi folks this came in today as a comment. Allegedly from Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen. As regulars will know we have received numerous negative comments under the name of  Dr Paul Jones. I do not know whether these are from Dr Paul Jones or even if the man actually exists, but one thing is sure, the sender is completely un-hinged.

BTW I have removed the name of the person being ridiculed, because they are not a member of our team and do not comment on this blog, and as such cannot reply to the Doctor/spoofer/ Multiple Miggs.

"Hello -------------

I'm not a fan of yours as you know --------------

But...As they can make Penicillin from mouldy bread, they should be able to make something of you. 

A demure housewife, perhaps?


Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen"


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