The tide is turning, all over the world people are learning a diet based on sugar and starch is not the way to stay healthy.

Well folks, what a fantastic couple of months for the low carb high fat advocates. Not only for the control of diabetes, but for anyone wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle. The Swedish Government is promoting the cause and two Australian documentaries have well and truly ripped open the can of worms re saturated fat, cholesterol and the gruesome statins. I see a petition has been started in Australia, hoping to bring The Australian Heart Foundation to account,  for the extremely poor dietary information they push at the behest of their high carb junk food paymasters. The same dietary madness is promoted by many outfits in the UK. Hiding behind so called charities and  skulking in the shadows, they are mercenaries, assassins and thieves. Not only robbing people of their money, but robbing them of their health.

Link to petition here.

Would you treat an alcoholic with more booze, or a drug addict with more heroin ? Starchy carbs, are poison to all diabetics. Recommending a high carb diet to a diabetic is madness. But greed and stupidity has usurped common sense, and millions of diabetics have been sent to an early and often painful grave. I believe the tide is turning, all over the world people are learning a diet based on sugar and starch is not the way to stay healthy. 

In my life I have seen some amazing changes. I have witnessed the end of communism in Russia and the Berlin Wall destroyed. I have seen a Black Man become the leader of South Africa, I have seen a Black Man become President of the US. Don't think we cannot bring about a change in the dietary information that has brought about the epidemics of obesity, and it's often linked type two diabetes. Big pharma and multinational food outfits have spent $billions promoting drugs that don't work and food that makes people ill, they will spend more, but they will lose. If history has taught me one thing, it is good always overcomes evil. It just takes time, we have the time, and we must spread the word at every opportunity.

Think about this, how often does an ordinary man or woman have a chance to save a fellow human being from blindness, limb amputation and kidney failure? By our posting on blogs and forums and spreading the word this is what we are achieving. We are winning and we must keep on working to end the greed and stupidity that has been the downfall of so many.


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