DCUK Far better than watching TV !

Well my friends the weekend is rapidly approaching. If you are bored rigid by the likes of Strictly Come Dancing and the usual dross on the box, may I suggest you check into the latest comedy hotspot that is diabetes.co.uk. Don't worry if you are not a diabetic they cater for all. So much of the information posted will have you howling with laughter, trust me it's a mad house. The long term lowcarb anti clique are in attendance, comedy favourites such as Phoenix, Nobhead and the Cherub, together with a comparatively new bunch of jokers, Brett, Mongoose and up and coming real star attraction Douglas.  

Trust me folks, I reckon Douglas is going to go a long way on the forum, it takes very special talent to make the incomparable Sid Bonkers look sane. Having said that, Sid is posting some great stuff these days, has he seen the light ? or is he playing a waiting game, and will be launching a counter attack into the world of lunacy soon, time will tell. Do you know, sometimes I think watching the antics at the fun forum was almost worth becoming a diabetic for, jeez it's given me some laughs over the years. But as I said, don't worry if you are not a diabetic, it's side splitting stuff all the way.

BTW look out for AMBreadvan a legend in his own lunchtime and not to be missed.

Have a great weekend Eddie 

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