Could I share a prison cell with this guy ?

Often, as I have gone through life and trying to evaluate a man, I think to myself 'could I share a prison cell with this guy' ? OK it might seem nuts to you, but it usually works for me. Let's get one thing straight, I have never ever been in a prison other than as a visitor. Being banged up with someone 23 hours a day is a tester for sure. One guy I could not be banged up with is Noblehead at If ever there was a lightweight it is Nigel. The forum has been down for around 18 hours and he posts "Has the forum been down" he then proceeds to post like a madman on speed.

Who is this guy trying to kid ?

BTW has anyone seen Bonkers ? I am beginning to miss him. He may be a nutter, but he is my kind of nutter !


PS. Nice to see the management have put another five bob in the meter to keep the forum going.

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