Family Time

Here in the UK, as many other countries, this weekend has been ‘Remembrance Weekend’. Many special services and gatherings. To some it is very poignant and to others they almost disregard it. Not so in our family. From the Festival of Remembrance last night to the gathering at the Cenotaph earlier today, we do take the time to remember those who served, and are no longer with us, whilst also quietly thanking those that do still serve. Two close relations are currently serving in the armed forces and were both involved in remembrance Sunday Services.

It is not always possible for families to see each other, and spend time with each other. Some, may have fallen out with family and no longer talk to them.

I have been fortunate and have regular contact with family, I have always treasured that time.

Lunch time today was another ‘family time’ as we had a get together over a very tasty Sunday lunch to celebrate a move to a ’new home’ with one of our children. We sat down to a lovely Sunday Roast with a mixture of vegetables. Followed by a cheese board or fresh fruit and cream. Something for everyone to tuck into and enjoy whether eating  a reduced carbohydrate meal or not!

Last week I read an article about family time, and do families take time to sit down and eat together. Well I believe in these days of so called “modern living” it does get more difficult and perhaps the weekend is the only time that families do have that opportunity. How do you and other members of your family manage? 

Link to article here.
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