ETYM Grazer still spouting complete bollocks !

Over at the forum formally know as ETYM, which took around nine months to heed my advice, and place diabetes in the forum name. Then banned me for taking on Grazer and co, and their ridiculous dietary advice, the bullshit continues, today Grazer The Great stated this.

"Might be worth reading (or re-reading if you've already seen it) the welcome note we have;
On there, we suggest people start at 50% of GDA carbs, which is 150 grams for a man, 125 for a woman, then test to see if you need to adjust further. Some of course start higher, others immediately go low carb; but test, and what works for you is fine."

So, how many of the forum members have obtained good blood glucose levels on this sort of carb intake ? I'll spare you the research, one! Grazer.

He knows it, we know it, but still this dullard clings on to the ludicrous advice.

BTW telling him this was another reason I was banned. I could be wrong but until Grazer has the forum to himself, I doubt he will be happy. One thing is for sure, dynamite could not shift this guy.


Link to the Grazer post here.

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