Catherine Day, RD (SA) another Dietitian with a licence to kill !

Check out the young Woman in the photograph, I am sure she is a very wonderful person and the apple of her parents and friends eye. Obviously very young, but for me looks a picture of health. I expect as in the UK a SA Dietitian is University educated, so clearly the Woman is far from illiterate. So, what's the problem.

Check this out from Catherine's website.

“We also wish to draw attention to the fact that “carb-free”, “low-carb”, “high-protein” and other such diets have shown no long-term benefit over conventionally balanced healthy eating plans. Healthcare professionals and patients should be aware of the scientific merits (or lack thereof) related to nutrition recommendations from various sources. Most importantly, they should receive their guidance from practitioners trained in diabetes rather than from the media.”

"In this day and age, where you can tweet, pin, drop, Facebook and who knows what else – it is even more important to second guess what you read. There are many gurus and quack’s out there whose interests are somewhat questionable. So, don’t just blindly follow what they are telling you to do. Rather, take a step back and investigate first. Your health is worth that.
So, how do you know if what these quacks/guru’s are “feeding” you is… true or not? You go to the scientific research which is available… Don’t understand it? Your best bet is then to seek out an expert opinion. Someone who is trained in the applicable field. In terms of nutrition, dietitians are the food experts. Visit Association of Dietetics South Africa (ADSA) to find your nearest dietitian."

"So, how do you know if what these quacks/guru’s are “feeding” you is… true or not? You go to the scientific research which is available…"

"quacks/guru’s" does she mean people like me ! BTW did you notice on Graham's post the Dietitian was making comments re high fat and high protein as is Catherine. We have never recommended high fat and high protein, so often these people twist what we say and have found to be successful. 

We recommend low carb, high quality fat, medium protein, a big difference, not that a high protein diet is a problem for a non diabetic individual with good kidney function. The tragedy in all this is a very well intentioned bright young lady has been fed a complete crock of dietary garbage, at least as far as diabetics are concerned. She will send thousands to a painful and early grave, unless she sees the light. 

Eddie, your friendly neighbourhood quack and guru, who can shred any argument re. the best way to control type two diabetes, put forward by any healthcare professional, who does not believe that a low carb diet and exercise, and nil/minimal meds is the best way to control type two diabetes.

Link to Catherine Day here.

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