Ginger,chilli and lime chicken breasts

Well, I do my best when it comes to cooking. I do my best when it comes to .... anything. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but very often I break even and the end result is way bang in the middle! Is that a good place to be ? Well I'll let you decide. Whatever happens I am a positive person and as the saying goes, it's always "onwards and upwards". What has this got to do with anything I hear you ask?

A good question.... but I felt with the cheat meal I am going to promote you, the reader, deserved more than a picture.

This very day, eighteen years ago, Eddie and I met. We were engaged within three weeks and married on a glorious July day, which happened to be my birthday, (didn't I plan that well !). The past eighteen years have been very special. As with any family, life has thrown good things, and not such good things, our way but together we worked through. When Eddie was diagnosed a Type 2 diabetic and we learnt the difference a low carb high fat lifestyle would make we both adopted this new way of  life and have never looked back.

Now back to the Chicken

Oh dear I asked Eddie to put up an image and this is what I get! Please I know many of you would want to wring his neck!

Yes, we had a cheat meal tonight, it was a Waitrose meal, and it was very tasty and only 0.5grams of carbohydrate per half pack. I tell no lies it was on the back of the packaging.

I (we) can thoroughly recommend the Ginger,chilli and lime chicken breasts. We enjoyed them served with some creamed spinach and red cabbage.... you may prefer a nice crisp salad.

Tomorrow we are back to real fresh food, I bought some nice pork leg steaks. Who says low carb eating is hard.

All the best Jan

PS. Can you see what I have to put up with!


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