ETYM First Birthday !

The artist formally known as Eat To Your Meter is one year old, and celebrating it's first birthday. This is the forum set up by some of the most staunch lowcarbers ever to come up the pike. One year on it has less active members than it had in the first week. Trying to be all things to all men, it has ended up being a ghost sight and cakes and commiserations club. This is a great shame, because it could have been a fantastic forum, if only most of the highly knowledgeable and experienced lowcarb members had not walked within the first few months. A couple of ego trippers wrecked the place before it had a chance to get going, but hey, thems the breaks eh.

Anyway, never let it be said we don't wish them luck, I hope Grazer and Defren  like my gift of a birthday cake.


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