Heart attack: Cholesterol and statins are the biggest medical fraud of the century

We have been fooling the public all through by manipulating in every field of science and medicine. Heart attacks, cholesterol and statins are only the present avatar of this fraud!

The Second World War was a great event in the history of the world as also in the history of so called scientific developments in Europe. Science got a fillip with the success of the atom bomb, although that was the first indication of how reductionist science could be used for power and money! Prosperity came to Europe since that war. With prosperity comes better living standards, making people want to buy more and consume more.

Fredrickson was the first who studied the relationship between increased fat intake and incidence of coronary heart disease. He was successful in showing that the rise in heartdiseases was directly proportionate to the increased intake of fat. Thus was born the ‘fat theory’ which is a bane to mankind even to this day, despite the fact that many famous researchers like John Yudkin, Peter Taggart and others had shown similar relationship between sugar intake and buying clothes, etc. They were only co-variants and not cause-effect relationships.

The medical industry was quick to grasp this opportunity to sell drugs and food to lower fat intake. The Diet-Heart Study, which started in 1954, showed that diet had NOTHING to do with heart disease as long as one does not overeat. This report was conveniently brushed under the carpet as the industry had already come up with crude drugs like Cholestyramine to reduce blood fats in diet.
In 1957, one of the first studies testing the idea that substituted polyunsaturated fat with saturated fat in the diet that would lower cholesterol and protect against heart attacks, was launched in New York. This was the beginning of the many such fraudulent studies. A new medical fraud and science fraud was perpetrated on mankind to sell more statins to reduce fats in the blood was done by the American Guidelines’Committee.
“An online calculator designed to help doctors assess heart disease risk is flawed, a problem that could result in millions of people being prescribed statin drugs who don’t need them”, the New York Times reported.
How the first medical fraud and science fraud was committed? The 1957 study was done (on 1,100 subjects) to show that replacing saturated fats in diet with polyun saturated fats will lower blood fat levels. The study DID show that but it also showed that this effort increases death at the end of the day. The second sacred truth is being suppressed even to this day. There have been numerous such studies as also studies of cholesterol lowering with chemical drugs over the last six decades and ALL OF THEM did show that total mortality increased whenever the artificial lowering of cholesterol or replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fats was attempted!
The climax came in a very expensive study which ran for 25 years called the MRFIT (Multiple Risk Factor Interventional Trial). The results showed that while risk factors could be reduced by our interventions THE RISK OF PRECOCIOUS DEATH increased significantly. MRFIT was just a boondoggle. There were no risk factors as far as the MRFIT study was concerned. They had studied sugar, fats, blood pressure etc. in that study. All the benefits of lowering these parameters called risk factors did not reduce the risk of early death.
Dr Norman Jollife, director of the New York City Health Department, was convinced that the hefty intake of saturated fat common at that time was one of the driving forces in the development of coronary heart disease. He recruited about 1,100 male subjects into a group he styled as the ‘Anti-Coronary Club’. The subjects consumed this Prudent Diet for several years, and cholesterol levels fell fairly markedly.
One can see how this Prudent Diet study results were sexed up and published to show enormous benefit thus:
  • • Cholesterol levels fell sharply in those that ate the polyunsaturated fat-rich diet. Along the way, the researchers released interim results that caught the attention of the press. The New York Times published an article on the study in 1962 and another in 1964. Both presented the studies as showing major health improvements in the intervention group following the Prudent Diet.
  • • The results were finally published in the JAMA. The trick of the trade was to show the drastic reduction in blood fat levels in the subjects and also a marginal fall in non-fatal heart attacks, but was silent on the increased total deaths in that group.

  • • When you read the body of the paper it is very clear that a significantly higher percentage of people died in this group compared to the controls! According to Proteinpower.com, ”There were 26 subjects who died during the study, while only six subjects died from the control group. It gets even worse when you look at heart disease, the very problem this diet was designed to prevent.”

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