Low-carb breakfast : Cheesy mini-omelettes

Funny how things work out some days. Yesterday I posted up "What did you have for breakfast this morning" and then I spotted this lovely recipe on Low Carb Diet News. If like me you like eggs then this very simple recipe is a must try. I like the look of it because it is so simple and you can 'spice' it up a bit simply by adding a few extra ingredients, many of which may be in your fridge already. Great one for the weekend I thought, when most of us have a little more time to prepare and cook a nutritious breakfast.

Sorry if you are one of those who have an egg allergy, may I suggest some low carb sausages served with mushrooms.........

Whatever your plans - have a great weekend

All the best Jan

To find out more about this great breakfast idea the recipe can be found here

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